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Landing April 27, 2010

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Life feels a bit enchanted at the moment. Tonight, for the first time in months (4 of them in fact!) I will sleep in my very own bedroom, on my very own bed. The fact that I inflated said bed this afternoon does not dampen my enthusiasm at all. It is mine and I will sleep on it tonight and in the morning I will not have to fold up all the sheets and blankets because no one will need to use it as a couch until it’s time for me to sleep again. Hallelujah.

Today also marked my second day at my new job—henceforth to be referred to as The Best! Job! Ever! Seriously—it might just be the greatest job ever created. Today I sketched a giant skull onto a piece of canvas. Tomorrow I’m going to Queens to help prep a community center so volunteers can paint it. And Saturday I’m going to a school to facilitate volunteers hanging out with kids for a few hours, reading a book about starting community gardens and then painting pots and planting seeds in them. At some point I will begin planning my own projects and whatnot, but for now I’m sort of following people around and trying to appear useful. I offer to do a lot of really helpful things like ‘find tape’ and ‘get the paper from the printer’ because those seem to be the only kind of tasks that I’m fully qualified for at this point. And I bought a planner, since that seems like something someone who plans things might need. It has owls on it, and so far I have entered my name and some vacation time I plan on taking in June. I think I’m off to a pretty good start.

My new neighborhood is fantastic as well. It looks exactly the way I imagined Brooklyn would look, all those months ago in the tropics when I was pining for bookstores and scarves and sidewalks. All three are here in abundance, along with $1 stores and strollers and coffee shops staffed by slightly intimidating 20-year-olds with odd haircuts. It’s wonderful, as is my new apartment, new roommate, and her two cats. I think all I need now is a Brooklyn Public Library card, and life will be complete.


4 Responses to “Landing”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    reading this just now has made me feel so incredibly happy for you, and happy in an overwhelmingly general sense because it’s so exciting and wonderful that sometimes things do work out well! xoxo

  2. haricot vert Says:

    HOORAY! :)

  3. TLMQ Says:

    I can’t wait to come down and stroll through the ‘hood. Sounds lovely and watch out for good weather for library hunting this weekend!

  4. don Says:

    I love it! It all sounds wonderful.

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